Interactive Training and Teaching Strategies

Interactive Training and
Teaching Strategies


An exciting 2-3 days online workshop for trainers, teachers, professors,
instructional designers, facilitators, managers,
coordinators and performance consultants … you will never forget!

Facilitation strategies in training and teaching, interactive lectures, structured
sharing activities, playing cards, game design, jolts, practical advice cards …
… simply the best training and teaching tools!

Facilitator Thiagi

Dr. Sivasailam “Thiagi“ Thiagarajan is the CEO of Thiagi, Inc.
He is helping professionals improve their performance
effectively and enjoyably. Internationally recognized as an
expert in active learning, Thiagi has conducted training
workshops in 24 countries. He has worked with more than
50 different organizations in high-tech, financial services,
and management consulting areas. Thiagi has published 40
books, 90 games and simulations, and more than 200

Co-Facilitator Alexander Schiller

Dr. ès sc. habil. Schiller is a full-time trainer for transferable skills with
Schiller & Mertens. He is a “Certified Facilitator” with the Thiagi
Group and member in the “Berufsverband für Training, Beratung und
Coaching” (BDVT). Dr. Schiller gathered a 16-years teaching
experience at LMU Munich (D), EPF Lausanne (CH), UC Santa Cruz
(USA), and FSU Jena (D). The DFG Heisenberg fellow Dr. Schiller
was a junior professor from 2009 to 2017.